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Monday, September 7, 2009

We made it!

Just wanted to post really quick that we made it to Utah safely. Thursday we cleared our military quarters in New Mexico and spent that evening with some friends of ours. We left their house after a very good nights sleep (I have to find our what kind of mattress they have in their guest room because I have never slept so well) at 6 a.m. and after a thankfully uneventful drive, we made it to Jacob's parents house in Salem at just before 8 p.m. We stayed up until Jacob's parents got home from the temple and then stayed up talking to them and catching up until almost 2a.m. We woke up to a yummy breakfast that Jacob's mom made us and then left their house at 9:15 to make the rest of the drive to our new home. It was only an hour drive, so, much shorter then that day before. ;-) Most of my family came, and a good part of Jacob's family came to help us unload our Uhaul and with their help we were done in just over an hour. It was so great to see everyone again and it's a little surreal to be back home. I'm sure it will sink in soon that yes, we are actually home, and that this is actually our house.

We have met some of our neighbors over the last few days and I think we are going to love this neighborhood. Church yesterday was really nice. We only went to Sacrament, but still, it had a very welcoming feeling to the congregation. Funny story, I was sittingin church and I look over to my left. I see this woman that looks like an old friend from high school who I haven't seen since she graduated in 1994, so 15 years. After the meeting ended I start to get up, she looks over at me and waves. Sure enough, it's her! We got to chatting. She actually doesn't go to church in that building, her sister does, she was just visiting. But what a small world we live in. I had just been on Facebook that morning commenting on how cute her new baby is, when just an hour later I see her at church. Too funny.

Anyhow, today is Labor day and we have no plans other then tackling some of the many boxes we need to unpack. Hopefully it won't take us too long. We'll see. We love our new house though! I'll post pictures as we get the rooms all put together.

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