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Saturday, April 4, 2009

All About Tammy

O.k So she likes to be called Tamara. After all, she is almost 14! She's too grown up for a name like Tammy. But she will always be Tammy to me. She said her first word when she was 3 months old and was talking in complete sentences before she was a year and a half. She took her first steps just a few days before turning 1 but still didn't start really walking until she was 14 months old. She could walk, she just decided she could get there faster by crawling. When she turned 14 months old she stood in the middle of the room one day and looked around and then just started running. I couldn't beleive it. She ran around the room once and then stood there and looked around and realized that running was easy, and cool, and it's gets you to where you are going quickly! She has been on the go ever since. Tammy was a tomboy when she was younger. She didn't really like frilly dresses but would wear them. Easter Sunday just before turning two we went to her Grandma Jeanine's house (her dad's mom) and she did an Easter egg hunt. She wore a pretty floral print dress and a matching hat. She looked so cute. Her dad took her outside to play and 20 minutes later I went to find her so we could go home. I found her sitting on the ground in her pretty dress playing in the dirt. That's my girl! I found her several times jumpin off things and climbing in trees.

Tammy is now a typical teenager. She is 13 now and will turn 14 in June. She loves hanging out with her friends and listening to music. She also loves playing on the computer. She enjoys Drama and Choir at school and loves doing crafts and making things. She is so loving and is always thinking of how her actions and decisions will effect those around her. I have always said that she is wise beyond her years. Tammy also has quite a talent for writting poetry. She wants to learn to play the Guitar (but is settling on playing Guitar Hero until we can get her into lessons) and wants to learn the Piano when Jacob and I move back to Utah. My mom has my childhood piano at her house, it was given to me years ago and when we move back I finally get to have it. Tammy is so excited to learn to play.

We share custody of Tammy with her dad Nick. Nick has 5 other children, Tammy is the oldest. She is a great big sister and is looking forward to us adopting.

Tammy is about to appear in her Jr. High School's production of Grease. She is in the chorus and is also the understudy for Frenchie. Her drama teacher beleives that the understudies should get stage time as well so the play will go 3 nights and Tammy will be in the chorus for 2 of the nights and will be Frenchie on the other night. She is really excited. Jacob and I are excited to see her and plan to be there all 3 nights. A bunch of family is coming as well and you can bet there will be pictures to share!

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