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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures of Tammy

One of my favorite things to do is photography. I absolutely love being able to capture memories for years to come. Now, Tammy doesn't like having her photo taken. Her dad's ex-wife used is a photographer and so Tammy always had photos being taken of her. So it isn't her favorite thing anymore. But occassionally she will allow me to take some photos of her. Luckily occassionally, came while we were in Utah. While a lot of the times I tried to take photos I did end up with the hands in front of the face shots like this one

Then there are the shots where she actually lets me take photos like these that I took on Easter Sunday. (She is wearing a dress she bought for one of the scenes in Grease)

Then there are the shots where she knows I'm there but doesn't try to hide, but also isn't posing. Someday maybe I will get some actual training to be a photographer. In the meantime I love being an amatuer photographer.

I also wanted to share pictures I got of Jacob's parents at the wedding last weekend. I just love both of these pictures. They capture them so well.

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