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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joey's Married!

On Saturday, our last full day of our trip Jacob's brother Joe got married. We started out the morning with getting ready and then taking Tammy to Jacob's mom's house to watch Ruth's boys so she could go to the temple ceremony. The ceremony was of course beautiful. Joe and Teresa are a sweet couple who are perfect for each other. I didn't get any pictures at the temple, I left my camera in the car. But I did get a few pictures at the wedding luncheon and the reception (o.k. more then a few).

Here is the happy couple enjoying time with family at the luncheon.
Jacob's brother Paul did the wedding photos as a gift to the bride and groom. I caught him and his wife Erin in a moment of their own.
There were finger puppets on the tables to keep the kids busy, which was such a great thing! Although, I think the adults had more fun with them then the kids did! They were a blast to play with! Tammy found 5 ducks and a goose and played duck duck goose with the finger puppets. Silly girl!
I got the cake done Friday evening just before we went to closing night of Grease. Everyone at the wedding on Saturday seemed to love it.

Everyone in the receiving line looked great!

Jacob's parents were so excited for Joe and Teresa! I think we all were, but can't you just see the happiness of Mom and Dad!

Jacob's brother John was able to make it to the reception with 4 of his kiddos. Melissa was of course at the hospital with Dawn. John sure was tired! But it was great to see him. Here he is with Jacob. We also got pictures of all 4 of the brothers with their dad. (From left to right, John, Joe, Jacob, Paul, and dad -David- up front) (We wanted to get a picture of all of Jacob's siblings with his parents, but Ruth had gone home by the time John came. She had to get her boys to bed.)

Since learning how to decorate cakes I don't like to eat them. But I was told it tasted really good. Considering it was over half gone when we left and there were people who went up for seconds it must have been!

Enjoying a relaxing moment
It's getting late so I will post more tomorrow!

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