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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grease Is The Word!

The rest of our trip went awesome. We got back late Sunday night. The house we were going to put an offer in on is now under contract so we chose a different house. We will put in an offer on that one within the next few days. We did get our pre-approval so that will make the buying process go so much easier knowing what we were approved for. Anyhow, Tammy was in her school musical Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She did awesome! I'm so proud of her! She has quite the stage presence and has a beautiful singing voice.

My brother Roy, his wife Andrea and their kids, Jacen, Rachel, Wyatt, and Addison all came to see the play.
Who can resist this face! This is my adorable neice Addison (Addie). This particular day happened to be her 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Addie!
My mom Barbara was there too. (My nephew Jacen is in this picture with her. He was actually smiling! He's a 10 year old boy, so you can imagine how often he does that! hehehe My mom was being goofy making bug eyes at the camera.) Jacob's mom Alice Ann was there as well. (Jacob's dad David had class that night and wasn't able to make it.) Jacob and his mom passed the time before the play started by chatting. Tammy played Frenchy in Grease. Despite the sound system not working half the time and most of the kids forgetting their lines (it was a Jr. High play after all), she did great! She nailed everyone of her lines and sang her solo beautifully! (Tammy is in the front right bottom corner, yes, the one with RED hair! You were expecting to see her with her blonde hair weren't you? She decided to dye it, "for the play" but really it was because she has been wanting to dye it for a while and the play gave her an excuse. I really love red hair on her! She has been wanting red hair for a long time. Although now my hair looks brown next to hers and not the usual dark red.) This scene is the opening scene introducing all the characters. They each ran out on stage shouting their characters name and then got into position. Once they were all out they did a dance number.
This one was my favorite scene. This was the Beauty School drop out scene. (Can you tell from the "angels" with "curlers" in their hair). (I got this picture from my Andrea's blog, the one I took of it wasn't any good.)
This was the curtain call at the end. I missed Tammy bowing because of course I was clapping loudly for her! I did get this picture of the rest of her part of the curtain call. The kid next to her played Doody in the play. He kept blushing each time he had to dance with Tammy. Apparently he has quite the crush on her.
Tammy had such a great time that she is determined to try out for all the future plays and musicals that her Jr. High and High School does from now on! I say got for it! She will do awesome!
Great Job Tammy! I can't wait for your next play!

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