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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ramblings about our upcoming trip....

Tammy is in a musical at her Jr. High next week. We promised her that we would come see her in the musical. Shortly after Tammy landed her role in the musical Jacob's brother Joe got engaged. We told them we would try to make it to the wedding but didn't know if we could because we can't afford to come twice right now (since all our extra money is being saved for our adoption and for buying a house come September). Joe and his fiance' Teresa talked about it and decided to plan their wedding for the week of Tammy's musical so that we can be there. Sweet huh? We were so excited and touched when they told us. Here we are getting ready to leave in a few days. Jacob has 1 day of work left, Friday is Good Friday so he has the day off. Thursday is his only day of work left. Friday we will be spending the day attending to all those last minute details. I'm making the wedding cake for the reception so I have to go through all my cake decorating stuff and make sure I don't forget anything cause that would be bad. Ecspecially considering that the wedding is in Utah, and we live a 13.5 hour drive away in New Mexico. I can't exactly run home and grab something if I forget it. Hopefully we won't forget anything though.

Sirius is coming with us. He was abused by the people that had him before us and has issues when we leave him. He gets really down and depressed. So we are bringing him with us. Of course I am bringing my camera and will have lots and lots of pictures to share when we get home.

We are spending Saturday and Sunday with Jacob's mom and dad at their house. Sunday is Easter and the soon to be marrieds have consented to spend Easter dinner with us there so that we can meet Teresa (since I'm sure that there will be so much going on that week and then of course the end of the week is the wedding, so it will be nice to meet her away from all that).
Tammy is going to be at Jacob's parents already so that we can spend as much time with her as possible while we are there. (She has play rehersals and performances that whole week so we won't see her much at all other then when she is on stage)

Monday and Tuesday we are looking at houses. Even though we aren't buying a house until September we want to get a feel for what's out there and what we are actually looking for in a house. We have an idea of what we want, but what we think we want and what will actually make us happy may be two different things.

Wednesday we are going to the temple with my mom and stepdad and then window shopping with my sister-in-law (my brother's wife). And of course Wednesday night is Tammy's play.

Thursday and Friday I will be working on the wedding cake. I have almost 1,000 flowers that I need to make for it (if I do the design I am thinking of doing, I may have to change it a little depending on time, I had a different one that I was going to do but after hearing that Teresa wants different types of flowers in various shades I came up with something else, so we'll see what time allows) Those two evenings we will also be going to Tammy's play. We want to attend all three nights.

Saturday is the wedding so that will be an extremely busy day. Ceremony at the temple in the morning, then wedding luncheon, then to the reception to set up the cake and then the actual reception. So very busy, but we look forward to it!

We plan to leave to come back here early that next Sunday morning. That way we can take all of Monday to rest before Jacob has to return to work that Tuesday. It will be a busy trip, but we are so excited for it!

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