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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A visit with friends

When we lived in Kansas we met and made some amazing friends. These are the kind of friendships that will last forever. One of these friends is my wonderful friend Belinda. It's kind of funny how we met. About 6 months before she moved to Kansas I was in a card swap on this stamper's website that I belong to. I made my 20 cards and sent them to the hostess who then swapped out all the cards everyone made and I ended up with 20 different cards. I love swaps for that reason. You come up with 1 card and get a bunch of other ideas. It's great! Anyhow, I remember getting this one card made with a stamp set that I didn't really like but the card was so darling. I flipped it over to see who made it and I saw it was made by a lady named Belinda (I'm not saying her full name for privacy reasons of course). Well fast forward 6 months. I'm sitting in Enrichment night at church (in our church we have quarterly activities for the ladies in the congregation that are geared towards strengthening our lives in different ways like spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc. Basically just showing us how we can become better people and more like Jesus Christ) So I'm sitting in Enrichment and this lady gets up to get a talk. The conductor said her name and my mind immediately flashed to this card I had gotten 6 months before. I approached the speaker later on that evening and told her how much I enjoyed her talk. I then asked her if she was a stamper. She is, I asked her if she belonged to this website, she does (as she is starting to look at me like I'm a stalker). I explain to her that I'm not a stalker and told her about the swap and how much I liked the card that she had done for it. She remembered my card as well. That was it, we were instant friends and have been ever since.

Well in July Belinda moved from Kansas to live in Texas where her husband was transferred to (her husband is in the Army too). Shortly after we moved to New Mexico. We live about 6 hours apart but haven't been able to visit each other. Until this last weekend. Belinda came to see me and she brought her kids. Her husband was actually here at the base we live on doing a training exercise. It was so much fun to have them here. We went to the park and played, we took them to the Sand Dunes, our dog Sirius went with us to the Dunes, it was exteremly windy and he got covered in sand but he had so much fun! Belinda's kids loved climbing the tree in our front yard and really loved playing on our Wii. I had a blast taking pictures of everything and anyone. I got some great shots of the kids playing and they all even agreed to be models for me so I could practice my photography. I won't post any pictures of Belinda's kids yet. I need to ask her permission first, but I will share this photo of her and I.

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