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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mid-90's in May!

This is our first spring/summer in New Mexico. We aren't used to it being the beginning of May and the temps already being in the mid-90's during the day. I mean it's almost 11:30 p.m. right now and it's in the 80's outside. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

Jacob has been working hard in the yard after he gets home from work each day and I have been taking the dog on daily walks, which I had been doing before, but the walks are getting longer and longer.
I have also been spending my time making Mother's Day cards (I'll share those on Sunday) and trying out the editting program that came with my camera (and of course housework and all the other things a stay at home wife does). I came across a blog that gives tips on photography. In this blog the author mentioned a store in SLC that offers classes for free on photography. Everything from how to use your DSLR camera, to how to work with various lighting and how to be creative in a photo session. And oh so much more. All for free! I still have a lot to learn about my camera. So when we move back to Utah I will be signing up for these classes. It'll be so fun to learn all the techniques and in's and out's. Until then I'm on my own with the good ole' trial and error learning. I'm not doing too badly.

I took a picture of a tree in my back yard with the sun peaking through.
The lighting was alright, but I wanted to try to tweak the colors just slightly and make some stand out more then others. After a minute or so of back and forth, do I like this, no, do I like that, no, do I like this, yes, I came up with this. It's the same image, just a slight tweaking of the colors.
As another example, here is a picture I took of Tammy on Easter Sunday

The sun really made the colors more faded, so I tweaked the colors. (I also used the air brush tool to fix a few Ahem, inperfections on her chin and cheek -Tammy hates the word blemish or zit or pimple)

I have to say, I love this program I have. It came with my camera so I didn't pay anything for it. And it serves it's purpose. :o)

Oh, and as a house buying update, we are putting an offer in on a house tomorrow morning. We'll see if we get it or not. It's an awesome house, in a fantastic neighborhood for a fabulous price. We have some competition from other bidders so we'll see. Wish us luck!

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