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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bye Bye Deck! A.K.A. what Jacob has been doing on Spring Break.

When we moved into our house the one thing we really had reservations about was the size of our back yard. The side yards, and the front yard are really a good size. But the back yard is small. Like from the house to the fence is around 14 feet or so. Tiny! Ecspecially considering what we're used to. Our backyard in New Mexico was massive! It was bigger then our house which was 2,000 sq feet. We miss that yard. So does our dog! But I digress.
We set out to find a way to make our back yard more user friendly. After all, when we bought this house we felt it was the one for us. And now that we live here, we know it is. If you recall from previous pictures, our back yard looked like this before we moved in (this is from the listing photos before we bought the house):

Incidentally, the green astroturf carpeting is no longer on the cement. Now it is just a nice cement patio. But as you can see, the deck takes up most of the back yard, making it really small, and really chopped up, and really, not user friendly, and definately not kid friendly. So, this week is spring break for Jacob and he has spent his time working on projects, this being one of them:
Good bye deck! It opens up the backyard soooo much! We are working on getting this all cleaned up and we will get some grass growing here instead of the deck. So by the time our little one is old enough to be playing back here, it will be nice and ready for her. :D We are also going to get rid of all the Ivy you see growing on the fence. It is actually from the neighbors yard and is overgrown into our yard. They want it gone too so we are all going to get rid of it. And that will open up this area even more!
In other news, "K" is 22 weeks along. Only 18 more weeks to go! She has an appt. on the 6th that I am going up for. I can't wait! We started a blog for her. We wanted to anyway, so that after the baby is born we can post pictures and updates for her to see. Yes, she will be very involved in the baby's life, but she does live 2 hours away, so she won't be able to see the baby every day. So inbetween visits, she will get to see lots and lots of pictures. The blog is private so only she can see. We started it early so "K" could see all the preparations that we are making for Baby Girl.

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