Welcome to our corner of the web! Here you will learn about our family and our journey of a family member adoption. In July of 2010, after 9 years of trying to add to our family and 5 years after we started our adoption journey, we welcomed baby Emily Rose. Emily's birth mom is Sharon's adopted sister. We look forward to someday adopting more children but for now, we are enjoying our time together as a family of 4!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blankets for Birthmother's via The R House

My friend Jessalynn started an organization called Blankets for Birthmothers. During the month of November Mrs. R. over at the R House is hoping to help Jessa collect 50 blankets. Jesss brings these blankets to 6 different agencies who give them to birthmothers who are placing their baby's. This way when they leave the hospital, they don't leave empty handed. Jessa herself is an amazing birthmom to a beautiful little girl, and she used her blanket in the hospital with her little one and was able to bring it home with her. When she is missing her little girl, she will hold the blanket to feel close to her. Jessa wants other birthmom's to have that beautiful reminder as well.
So how about it? Shall we help them reach their goal? Don't know how to sew? That's o.k.! Mrs. R. posted a rockin' instructional video to a no sew fleece blanket on her blog, along with all the info on where to send the blankets. :D Check that out here.
And don't forget about the giveaways going on right now.
For anyone touched by adoption in the Phoenix AZ area, Kim Nevels Photography is offering a free photo session. You have until tomorrow night to enter this one.
And for a hoping to adopt family, no matter where you live, Envision Image Design is offering a complete blog redesign. This contest is running all month. For details, look here.
And for anyone touched by adoption, Envision Image Photography is offering a special $99 photo session for the month of November only.

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