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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hoping to adopt: Meet Paul & Jeanette

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Anyhow, on to today's post!
I'm so excited to introduce you to this wonderful family. Jeanette has been a friend of mine since Jr. High. We lost touch after High School, then got back in touch when we both tried out for a play our church was putting on. Jeanette landed the female lead in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (I was the bride who married the 3rd brother Caleb). She is seriously an amazing woman, and her husband is pretty awesome too. Their daughters are adorable, as you will see, and joined their family through the gift of adoption. And they are ready to add a new little one to their family. But what am I telling you for. Here is their journey in their words:

We are the “UTE Fan Family of Four!” Here is a little bit of our family history to share with you:

Our journey to adoption began nearly 4 years after being married in 1998. We had tried getting “homemade babies” to join our family for a year and a half when we realized that might not happen for us. Another 18 months, and test after test later, we were informed of our infertility and immediately began paperwork to adopt.

We were on a “waiting list” for 4 years, when the agency contacted us to house a birthmother who had chosen another family. It took us a few days to accept the challenge, but in the end “C.S.” came to live with us for 5 months. This is when and where our hearts were softened towards birthmothers and how incredible and amazing each of them are.

3 months after “C.S.” left our home, we were contacted by a different agency to potentially adopt through them. The situation of the birthparents was rocky at best…. The birthmother was 19, having her second child, and going through a divorce. The birthfather was refusing to sign his termination of rights to the baby. Crazy as it sounds, we knew that this was our baby and our birthparents.

30 days later, we welcomed our first daughter “Lil’ Miss M” thanks to her birthmom “A”. It was another 30 days after having her home that the birthfather signed the relinquishments. It was an incredible miracle and blessing, not to mention a relief.

(“Lil’ Miss M” is now 4 ½ years old. She is in pre-school and dance. She is a happy and silly little girl, and she is such a peacemaker. She has a very tender heart and is a complete joy.)

Fast-forward 18 months…and we begin to feel anxious about another baby. We had decided we’d put together paperwork in February or March.

On a whim, around the end of September 2007, we called the caseworker we’d dealt with for our first adoption, who asked us if we were calling because we wanted another baby. When we told her we were thinking February/March time-frame, she said she needed our paperwork “like yesterday”; she knew where our baby was.

4 days after we submitted paperwork, we got a call from this caseworker informing us a birthmother, “S.J.” wanted to meet with us. Another 4 days, and “Lil’ Miss M” was to be a big sister to a little sister due in March. February 15th, “Angel C.J.” was delivered – exactly one month early.

(“Angel C.J.” is now 2 ½. She is talks like she is 4 ½, and about as smart. She is such a tease. She is an amazing little swimmer and she loves to sing. And though she can be more stubborn than an ox…she warms our hearts and makes us happy.)

The girls adore each other and are best friends.

We enjoy having open adoptions with both and couldn’t love “A” or “S.J.” possibly any more for the blessings we share in “Lil’ Miss M” and “Angel C.J.”.

We have had some difficult, crazy and absolutely amazing and breath-taking moments through adoption. But, one of the most unexpected blessings through both of our adoptions…is our relationships and the intense amount of love we have with and for our daughters’ birthmothers.

We’re so thrilled with our experiences…we are preparing to do it again. Yes! Adoption #3 is in our future. Our approval and paperwork should be completed in the next few weeks.


If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption and would like to learn more about Paul & Jeanette, feel free to contact them at pescado_b@yahoo.com, or check out their blog for more information.

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