Welcome to our corner of the web! Here you will learn about our family and our journey of a family member adoption. In July of 2010, after 9 years of trying to add to our family and 5 years after we started our adoption journey, we welcomed baby Emily Rose. Emily's birth mom is Sharon's adopted sister. We look forward to someday adopting more children but for now, we are enjoying our time together as a family of 4!

Friday, January 7, 2011

4 & 5 month updates!

So much has been going on, yet life is blissfully normal. I have so much to say, yet my brain is having a freezing moment and I can't thinking of what to write. I had a sweet comment on my Formspring the other day saying that my posting is missed. Seriously, I figured that I was talking to myself out in blog land. Well, that and my mom, because my mom reads my blog. HI MOM! But other then that, I figured I was talking to myself. Nice to know I'm not.

I realized that I never posted Emily's 4 month update, or her 5 month update, so we'll go for a two for one and I'll do both.
Emily at 4 month's learning the art of texting from big sister Tamara. ;o)
In the last two months Emily has grown a lot. At her 4 month check up she was 16 lbs. 11 oz. and 26 inches long. At an appt. on the 27th to check her meds for her reflux she was 18 lbs. 7.5 oz. She fits 6-9 months and is starting to outgrow that size as well. Her doctor told us we could start her on solids, so we have so far done peas, carrots, applesauce (big mistake, don't do applesauce if you have a baby with reflux!), green beans and of course baby cereal. I have been making my own baby food, which has been a fun experience. Next week, sweet potatoes! Emily has rolled from her tummy to her back several times, and can roll from her back to her tummy but doesn't like to. She scoots around when she is on her back which is funny. When we lay her on her tummy she is starting to try to figure out how to move. She still loves to kick, and she loves to laugh. She is a definate momma's girl, but doesn't give smiles to anyone like she does to her big sister. She is in size 3 diapers and sleeps through the night most nights. Since we brought her home we have had to put her in her bouncy chair to sleep. We recently got a crib wedge so she can sleep elevated. I put her in her crib for the first time last night. She didn't sleep for more than a couple of hours, but she had also slept a lot yesterday, so that may have had something to do with it. She is teething but no teeth have broken through yet. She has recently started pressing her lips together when she doesn't want something like her meds, or more food or her binky. It's really funny and I try not to laugh when she does it because then she'll think it's funny and keep doing it, but it's so hard not to laugh. She keeps us all laughing and is an all around happy baby. Emily hasn't really talked yet, but she coo's alot. And her new favorite thing to do is blow raspberries. Silly girl!

Emily at 5 months, the day after Christmas.

We are now less than a month away from being able to finalize Em's adoption and we can't wait! A court date has been requested and we're just waiting to hear more.

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Kim said...

I love the picture with the huge smile! It is adorable! The new pics of the girls are great too! So glad you have some of your whole family now for your walls. I read your blog too, but I know how you feel. I never have a good idea at how much or if anyone reads mine except my sister who pretty much is who I write it for.