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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Releif Society Service Auction

Yesterday was the service auction for the Releif Society at church. Everyone donated a service or item to be auctioned off. We had a quiz that we took to earn points. Then used those points to bid on the items we wanted.

I donated a recipe tin. For the recipes tin I brought mine to show as an example of what one would look like. I will make it in whatever colors the winning bidder wants me to and use the accessories she wants (whether flowers or what not). Here is mine that I brought as an example:

I also donated a photo session with a disk. I'm not a professional, and I don't charge when I do take photos for people, but I do enjoy taking pictures and it's something I'm getting to be not half bad at. Here are some I have taken, the first is for an old friends wedding, the next is my brother-in-law and his sweet new wife, then of course Tammy, and last my friends daughter.

I didn't think that either of my items would go for that much. I thought maybe 75 points for the tin, and 200 for the photo session. My tin went for 225 points and the photo session went for 400. I also had other people who asked me if I could do pictures for them as well as other who asked me to make tins for them or show them how to make them. I'm really excited. The more photos I can do for various people the more experience I will get. And I'm thrilled about the recipe tins too because I love doing those.

As for what I won, I got an absolutely adorable receiving blanket to put in the baby's room. No, we haven't been chosen, we are just still getting things together. We have all the basics, now we are just collecting the fun stuff. It's so cute, it's cream with yellow and brown bears and ducks. So cute! And the stitching on it is gorgeous! The back side is a pretty coordinating print.
It was a really fun night. I have always love Service Auctions. :)

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