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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not much going on

So I haven't had any reason to post lately so that is why I haven't. We are still looking for a house. We have had an offer in on one for almost a month now and still haven't heard anything. The sellers moved to Alaska and the bank is needing some info from them before they can proceed on making any decisions. So we wait.... In the meantime we have still been looking but haven't found anything. It's kind of discouraging, but I'm sure when the right house comes along we will get it. Whether it is this one that we already have the offer in on or not.

Jacob has been busy and spending a lot of time in ElPaso trying to get stuff wrapped up as far as Active Duty goes. We found out today he may be able to take leave as soon as August 23rd. So we could be moving back to Utah sooner then we thought. We'll see as the time comes closer though. He has already signed the paperwork/contract for the Reserves. They didn't have a spot for him in the National Guard. He would have had to loose rank (which means drop in pay) or he would have had to switch MOS's (his job, which would have meant at least 3 months of training as soon as we move back). But they did have a spot for him, with his MOS, and rank in the Reserves in Ogden Utah. So he took that spot and starts in November I think. It will mean driving an hour from where we will be living, but it would only be the 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year thing, so not too bad.

Other then that, not much happening. We are having some new friends over for dinner tomorrow night. They are in our ward/congregation at church and have just started the adoption process. So it will be so fun to be able to have another couple to go through this experience with. We are going to BBQ and play some games. I'll take pictures.

Saturday is a VERY special day. And I plan to have a nice long (read picture heavy) blog post to commemorate the occasion. Saturday, is Tammy's birthday! She will be 14! I can't beleive it!

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