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Thursday, July 9, 2009

August 17th is the day!!! Closing Day!!

I just talked to our loan officer and the exception has been made for us! We get to close on our house on August 17th like we had planned and don't have to wait until October!! This is fantastic because we move back to Utah on September 4th so we will have a front door to be able to back the truck up to and unload our belongings!! YAY!!!!

Here are some current pictures of the house. All the belongings currently there are the current owners (not our style at all, but that's o.k. because we're buying the house, not the stuff, so look past all that when you look at the pictures.). It will take some updating and some work, but we're so excited!! Some of the rooms will just take paint, some we are going to completely gut and redo. It's going to look completely different when we live there and really be our home. :D Here are some of my favorite spots in the home.
This is the backyard. It is small, (13 feet from the house to the back fence) but the side yards and front yard are big so we aren't worried about that. We are taking the deck out just because it takes up so much space. And we are going to do a nice patio and a lot of grass. The building you see back there is a workshop. Perfect for Jacob.
This is the front door. Why is this a favorite feature? The image in the center there is a hummingbird. My grandmother loved hummingbirds. She passed away in 1997 and hummingbirds have always been special to my family and reminded us of her. So it's fitting that Jacob and I are buying a house with such a special front door.
This is the kitchen. We are going to do a redo of the kitchen but this the first one that we have seen that will allow us to do our dream kitchen. Complete with double wall oven, countertop gas range, etc. So we're excited!
This will be Tammy's room. It is bigger then it looks. Has a nice closet complete with shelves and organizers already built in. Hardwood floors underneath the pink carpet (so ya, that'll come out). This is actually the room she picked when she saw the house with my mom right before she came back to NM.
This room will be the baby's room. It is a lot bigger then the picture shows too. It has an awesome wall cubby storage thing and a great closet as well. We are taking out the carpet in here too, we will either do the hardwood underneath (with a nice plush area rug of course) or replace it with different carpet, haven't decided yet.

That's all the pictures for now. It's lunch time and I'm hungry! I haven't been able to eat yet today because I've been so nervous. I can't wait to move in and make this house OUR NEW HOME!!!!

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