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Friday, July 17, 2009

Spaces for faces and a new hair color, well the old one actually

Last post I showed you the pass along cards that Sara designed for us. Well I tried to find a printer and couldn't find one that was user friendly on their website. (.k.a. I'm not that tech savvy. I'm really good at programs like Excel and Word, but I couldn't figure out these websites and sizing issues and such, each time I tried to upload the design it cut part of the card off. No matter what I did to it. Frustrating as heck I tell ya! So, I contacted Jill from Spaces For Faces. I asked her if she could recommend a printer for me, or if she could help me out at all. She said she would be happy to print them for me at the reorder price (since there would be no designing needed because I already had my gorgeous designs from Sara). She explained the easy process for ordering. The whole process including a couple of back and forth emails took just minutes. This was last Thursday. Jill explained that it would probably take 9-10 business days to receive my order which is a fantastic turn around time.

So imagine my surprise today when I hear the doorbell and go to answer the door and it is the UPS guy with our order. Seriously, it took just 1 week! And I have to tell you, they are gorgeous! Even better then I thought they would be! Sara, and Jill, you ladies rock! Thank you sooo much! I highly recommend them both for your pass along card needs. In fact, Jill also has avaliable from her website other fun photo products such as Silly Kid (just like Old Maid, only with the faces of your family), Family Match, a Match game with Family pictures and oh so much more. I'm thinking Christmas Gifts!!! Boy I hope none of our moms are reading this. ;)

And just so this isn't a word only post, I leave you with these. Tammy has been needing to touch up her hair color. She wanted to go a little darker. Also, I have been wanting to dye my hair back to it's original color for a while now. I dyed it about 10 years ago and it has never gone back to the original color. So, the other night, with Jacob gone for the week in a field exercise Tammy and I colored our hair. Or should I say, Tammy colored her hair and my hair. I think she did a fabulous job. What do you think?
Tammy's picture was taken by me, my picture was taken by Tammy, and the picture of the two of us is the product of the timer on my camera, sorry the lighting is bad on that one.

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