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Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I've been trying to catch up on my posts since I didn't blog much in the way of our lives posts in November. I'm only a little over a week behind so that's not too bad.

Last Wednesday was my 31st birthday. My dad called to wish me a Happy Birthday and asked me how it feels to be 31. My response? Just like 30, which was just like 29. ;o) Although it is a little weird to say I'm 31.

Anyhow, I had a great day! Since we are saving for our adoption (we have what we need to give the agency, and the lawyers fees, but we're still saving just in case anything comes up). I didn't want to go anywhere or get any special presents (although I did get some Stampin Up goodies a few weeks before, so we'll call that my present). But I did want to just hang out as a family. So that is just what we did. We went to get Tammy from school, came home, hung out for a bit, then Jacob and Tammy went to the store to get me a cake (normally I decorate the cakes in our family, but since it was my birthday, Jacob wanted to get one so I wouldn't have to make my own cake).

When they got back from the store Jacob made us dinner (he loves to cook). I wanted Shrimp Spaghetti. So that's what he made. Basically it's spaghetti noodles with breaded shrimp on top and a cocktail sauce (we mix that with tomato sauce to cut down on the spicy), sounds gross, I know, that was the first thing I thought. "C" and "T" (Tammy's dad's brother and sister-in-law) are the ones that first made it for me when I was pregnant. Now it's one of our family favorites. He also did cheese bread and my favorite veggie combo, creamed corn mixed with french style green beans.

While eatting we watched the movie Baby Mama. None of us had seen it before, but it's a cute movie, we all really liked it! Then we played a game on the Wii, then it was time for cake! Tammy and Jacob both know my favorite colors are purple and green.
So when they found this cake: Tammy wanted it to not have blue and yellow flowers (even though I was fine with that), they wanted purple (so sweet!). So when they got the cake they also bought a tube of purple frosting. So Tammy started taking off the blue and yellow flowers.

Doing this gave her, what she called a leperchaun finger, cause it was green. ;o) Then she decorated the cake.

This was the finished product. She didn't like it, I loved it!

It was a great birthday! :o)

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