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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Annual Grandma's Day

To most people, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. This is the day where stores have HUGE sales, encouraging people to go out and shop. This is the day that the companies who are in the red, expect to make such a profit that they now find themselves in the Black.
Neice Rachael describing the mayhem and foolishness that is Black Friday shopping. Her mom Dawn -our sister in law, and the one who introduced Jacob and I, loves going shopping at 4a.m. on Black Friday, Rachael went with for the first time this year. "How was it Rachael?" "IT WAS CRAZY!!"

In our family, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Grandma's day. On this day, every year, Grandma (Jacob's mom), hosts a Grandkids party. All the parents come and drop their kids off and go shopping or whatever they want to do, while Grandma and Grandpa have a fun filled day with them. Normally some of the adults stay to help, after all, we have 12 grandkids on this side of the family, and that is a lot for one person, even Super Grandma, to handle. This year, Uncle Joe (the brother who is just younger than Jacob) stayed to help.

They make crafts, have fun, play, and watch movies.

Here we have Grandma (Jacob's mom), neice Valerie, Uncle Joe, Nephew Ben, Neice Nicole, and Neice Mary watching a movie.

Then the mommy's and daddy's come back from shopping and hug their kids and see what fun they all had. (Janele, Jacob's older sister, and her adorable son, our nephew Mathew)

Then we all chat for a bit, and eat dinner while we wait for the evenings very special guest. (Our sister-in-law Teresa, she is married to Jacob's brother Joe). You can see Nephew Jessie playing with the train table Grandma has in the background.

Then we all start to sing and dance to "Here comes Santa Claus". Hmmm.... Wonder who our special guest could be! (Jacob's mom singing and dancing, such a fun Grandma!)

There he is! It's Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus!

Some, got to meet him for the first time! (Mathew didn't know what to think of Santa)

We all sat on Santa's lap and told him what we wanted to Christmas. Nephew David got to be the first to go!
Even Tammy sat on his lap, doesn't she look thrilled! hehehehe ;o)

Grandma's day! Such a fun family tradition!

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