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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This year we decided to make Gingerbread houses. I had done this several years ago and it was a complete flop, but we decided to try it again. It worked better this time. In the end the roof on my house fell in, but it was fun anyway!
Jacob's one request was ribbon candy. So we got that and the kits that they sell in the store.

Here are the finished products:

Jacob's (if you look closely, you can see on the side of his blue roof he did a white Y for BYU):

Tammy's (she thought it was funny that her windows were "bleeding" red from the gel she used. Said it looked like the windows were crying. Silly girl!) :
Mine (notice my roof is red, GO UTES!):

Next year I think we will try it with making our own gingerbread and frosting (didn't really like the royal frosting the kits came with. It was hard to use and didn't want to dry, at all, which is why the roof on mine fell in!). I'll tell you one thing, it was fun, but not easy at all! I definately have new respect for those who build those amazing gingerbread houses for the Gingerbread village at the festival of trees every year!

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