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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving with Family

This was the first Thanksgiving in 6 years that we have all been together. You wouldn't think it would be tough to get 3 people together for 1 Holiday, but it is. For the last 6 years, either Tammy was at her dad's, or Jacob was deployed or away training getting ready for a deployment. Now that he is out of Active Duty Army and we are back home in Utah we jumped at the chance to spend Thanksgiving together. And since Tammy's dad only lives a mile away from us, it makes both of us sharing Holiday's with her, a whole lot easier!

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I'm not sure why, except that when the Halloween stuff comes down, the Christmas stuff goes up and everyone seems to forget about Thanksgiving. Think about it, in the stores, when do you start seeing Christmas stuff? Right after Halloween, or in some cases, even before then. Or in the case of 1 store we went to while living in New Mexico last year, July. No joke! Christmas stuff was up in the stores in JULY! *shock* Crazy! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is just being able to see so much family. I even got to see my dad's brother and his wife, my Uncle Les and Aunt JoAnne. I haven't seen them since Tammy was 2. They don't live near my dad so when I go to see my dad I don't get to see them. It was so good to see them again! Boy were they shocked when they saw Tammy!

Anyhow, since we have so much family our Thanksgivings are kind of stretched out over the years. I think we have it figured out though. This year we went to my dad's. Next year we'll go to Jacob's Family's for Thanksgiving, the next year my Brother's house (cause that is where my mom normally spends it),the next year, our house, and then back to my dad's house and so on.

So this year, it was off to Logan to my dad's house. It was so much fun. My dad is recovering well from his double knee replacement surgery a couple of months ago. Although by the end of the night he was pretty worn out.
My Beautiful Stepmom Sally who made a lot of the yummy food (although we all had our assignments of what to bring, but she made most of it. Sooooo good!)
There was lots and lots of family there. (Sorry Aunt Linda for getting a picture of you eatting!) A lot of people were up getting food when I took this, so there was a lot more then what you see. Around 30 or so people. Love it!
This beautiful lady is my Aunt Linda (my stepmom's sister). And the smiling bearded guy back there is my daddy!
One of my favorite things about when we get together is finding a place to just sit and chat. Most of the chairs were in the dining room and since my dad can't do stairs yet, we couldn't go to the family room downstairs, so we all found a spot on the floor in the living room and just talked.
This handsome guy here is my brother Matt. Yes ladies, he's single. ;o)
Here is Tammy sitting with my sister Kristina (on the left) who is 9 months older than her, and my brother David, who is about a year younger than Tammy, is standing in the back. My Dad and Stepmom adopted Kristina and David when they were each infants, so they are my daughters age. They all have fun with that. Tammy's Uncle is younger then her. ;o)
These pictures made me laugh when I saw them. This is Tammy. This is what she does whenever she sees a camera pointed at her.

This is my sister Kristina. This is what she kept doing when she saw a camera pointed at her. Look familiar? ;o)

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