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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Since we share custody of Tammy with her dad "N" we do an every other holiday arrangement. Last year "N" had Tammy for Thanksgiving and we had her for Christmas. So this year we had her on Thanksgiving and it was "N"'s year for Christmas. So we celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve instead.

Our family traditions include playing games on Christmas Eve (which this year was the 23rd for us). Jacob was working so it was just Tammy and I. It's hard to play board games when there is only 2 people (normally we do board games). So instead we opted to play some games on the Wii. Our favorite game to play when it is just Tammy and I is Guitar Hero World Tour (which was Tammy's Christmas present last year).

Tammy rockin' out to Bon Jovi.

We opened gifts after Jacob woke up the next morning.

We started with our stockings.Tammy's is a cross-stitched one that I made for her last year (she is a cat lover, so her's is cats). I am going to start on the ones for Jacob and I (with the move and all I didn't get to it this year, but now that we are settled I will be starting on Jacob's next week). Eventually we will all have one that is cross-stitched. Each takes a really long time so I work on it when I can. I hope that someday soon I get to do one for a new addition. Even the dog has a stocking. Sirius was very excited about his stocking. He got all sorts of new treats.

I was very excited about one of my stocking stuffers. A UTAH UTES T-shirt!!!! YAY!!! I also got a tri-pod which I was very excited about. I had one but it wouldn't hold the weight of my camera when I had the larger lens on it. I also got some cake decorating tools that I can't wait to use. :D (Ignore my hair, I had just gotten out of the shower)

Jacob was very excited about his present. A BYU Cougars T-Shirt! We both sported our team spirit the next day by wearing our new shirts (wish we had gotten a picture!). He also got a George Foreman grill, he has been wanting one of those, and he got a new laptop for school. (His old one kept dying, he needed a new one, and since he is starting school next week, now was a good time to get it)
Tammy was very excited about her new camera! We got a killer deal on it. She has been using my old one which was not a good one at all (read, 3.6 megapixel, which when we got it 6+ years ago was a good camera, this new ones is 12.2). So she was very excited about this new one. She also got an artist drawing set (she loves to draw) and got a new pair of boots.

We ended the day with another family tradition. Every year (at least the years we were in Utah visiting, but now that we are living here again, it will be every year) we go to "C"'s house on Christmas Eve (this is before we do games at our house). "C" is Tammy's aunt on her dad's side and a good friend on mine. They do several Christmas stories and a present exchange. Such fun times. It was then time to take Tammy back to her dad's. Sorry, no pictures from "C"'s house, I didn't take my camera.

The next day Jacob and I went to his mom's house for Christmas dinner with most of his family. We stopped by my brother's afterwards and visited with them for awhile. Sorry no pictures from there either. I've been slacking on my camera duties I guess.

It was a great Christmas!
Our family, Christmas Eve 2009. This was actually my favorite picture. I thought it was funny that the dog wanted to be in on it too. Do you see him sitting there on the couch?

We have been invited to a couple of friends houses for New Years. We were going to have my family over but had to postpone that. If the weather cooperates we may just got over to my friend Jill's house for some games. Or to Rebecca's for festivities there, or maybe both! We'll see. It's been snowing like crazy here!


Robyn :) said...

Great Christmas Sharon!! Tammy is such a beautiful young woman.

It has been snowing here, too.

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