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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Harlem Globetrotters!

A couple of weeks ago I was watching one of my favorite shows, Good Things Utah (I DVR it and watch it, so I was watching it in the evening). One of the guests that they had that day was a player from the Harlem Globetrotters. Turns out, the Globetrotters were coming to the Energy Solutions Arena (formerly known as the Delta Center) in Salt Lake City. So I called Tammy who was at a friends house, and asked her what she thought about going to see the Globetrotters. She was all for it. I called Jacob, who was at work, he thought it was a great idea too. He also told me to call this guy that works for the ticket office, who was in charge of corporate rates for tickets. He could get us a discount through Jacob's work. So I called him, and got our tickets.
We were on row 7, section 3. So that meant we were in the corner, but only 7 rows up. Loved it! Tammy and I had never been to a Globetrotters game before, but Jacob had been when he was younger. Such a fun evening! We went to Leatherby's for an early dinner, drove to the trax station and took the train to the Arena. The game was great! I had heard it was really fun to go to their show, but of course never been. It was seriously, so fun. They played with and interacted with the crowd. They even had people come out onto the court to help with part of the show. We even did the YMCA right in the middle of the 4th quarter! It was fun to see the entire Arena on their feet. Big Buddha from channel 13 was there. He did a little portion of the show. I got pictures of that, but they are way too blurry.
Sorry for the bad pictures. We didn't think we could bring a camera in, since there were signs everywhere that said no camera's (to include on our tickets). So we left it at home. There were people everywhere with camera's, and the security people didn't care. Should have brought the camera! Thanks goodness for Camera Phones or I wouldn't have gotten these!

(Jacob and Tammy, enjoying the pregame show)

(Pre-game show. It was a lot of fun! lots of dancing and tricks from the mascot - Globie and his side kicks.)

(It was time for the Globetrotters to come out! They showed off their fantastic skills in a round robin circle. Flight Time and Big Easy were there!! They were our favorite team on the Amazing Race last season!)

(Tammy and I enjoying the game)

(We weren't too far from the floor. It was great!)

(Jacob and Tammy chatting on the Train after the game)

(Jacob got an official Globetrotters ball as a souvenir. Tammy and I got T-shirts.)

I guess the pictures aren't too bad, ecspecially not for a camera phone. We decided this is something we'd like to make a tradition. Going to the game every year when they come. Next time we may get floor seats.

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