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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our house, part 1

We got our family pictures done last week. I will have the disk in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! The proofs I have seen so far are great!! So I will share those when we get them.

For now I wanted to share a little about our house. If you have been reading our blog for awhile then you know we bought our house sight unseen in August. We found it on the internet but we were living in New Mexico at the time because Jacob was still Active Duty Army. We needed a house to move into when we moved to Utah which meant buying one before we moved back. Luckily my mom was willing and able to go look at homes for us. We looked at over 60 homes on the internet, and had my mom and our realtor actually physically go to close to 20 houses. She took major notes and lots of pictures so we could feel as comfortable about our purchase as possible. (Thanks again mom!) This is definately the right home for us and we love it! It has been a labor of love so far, and we have a lot more work to do, but it's home.

Our home is located in West Valley City Utah, which if you aren't familiar with the area is a suburb of Salt Lake City. Our neighborhood is great. Very friendly and safe. Lots of neighbors with kids of all ages. We live within a 1/2 mile of 2 Elementary schools and live around the corner from the Jr. High. The High School is close as well and we have parks within walking distance. It's a great house on a corner lot. That means our backyard is smaller, but the side yards are large.

Our house is 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. We have 2,024 sq feet which is the perfect size in my opinion. Not too small, but not too big. Here are some pictures of the inside of the house. I will post more later as we complete more projects.

This is our kitchen.

Eventually we will redo it, to give us an oven that is big enough (this one is teeny tiny, you can't even fit a Turkey in it), and also more counter space and more cabinet space. For now, we love it though. It's an eat-in kitchen. Behind me is our dining space with our table and chairs. We have been able to fit as many as 6 people around the table comfortably. Once we redo the kitchen though, we'll have space for more.

This is the nursery. I know you're probably wondering why we have a nursery all set up when we haven't been chosen. We had a bunch of baby items that we had been collecting, and we needed somewhere to put it all. We figured that we might as well put the room together. Right now the crib set, and curtains are done in a jungle theme. I want to get a couple of other sets too. The paint color is a very soft green so it will go with anything really, for either a boy or a girl. I am actually looking for some fabrics in purple and green flowers to do a crib set for is our future precious little one is a girl. My brother and his wife recently gave us a really cute crib set with ladybugs on it that will work well for if our future baby is a girl as well.

This is a reading, play, corner we have in the nursery. The bookshelf has lots of books on it. Everything from There's a Monster at the end of this book (I love that book!), to Winnie the Pooh. We will be adding more as time goes on. I want to get some adoption books. Ones that help a child understand about adoption. I have seen some that are from a birth mom's point of view and talk about how much she loves her little one, and always will. Another idea I saw was to take photos and letters from our child's birth mom and make those into a story book. We could read it to him or her every night, and they will always know that their birth mommy loves them.

This is our room. It is kiddie corner from the nursery.

This is Tammy's room. Tammy and my mom put this together as a project for the both of them to do. Tammy decided on her favorite colors. It turned out great!

This is a close-up of Tammy's bed. My mom is really talented and is fantastic at making projects. She made Tammy's bedding. Gorgeous isn't it?

I still have to take a picture of the living room. We have been redoing that and are almost done. My mom is recovering a love seat for us (I told you she was talented!) and making some pillows. As soon as we get those I will take pictures and post. I will also get some pictures of our family room. Not to mention my craft area. So more pictures to come!

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