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Thursday, July 22, 2010

39 weeks!

Our expectant birth mom K is 39 weeks! We had her appt. today and the baby's heart rate is still nice and strong at 138. K has been having regular contractions, they are an hour apart, but have been steady since yesterday morning. So she is in labor, just the very early stages. She is still 70% effaced (has been for 3 weeks now) but is dialated to a 1.5 (she had been a 1 for two weeks, so that is progress). She has consistently been measuring slightly bigger then she actually is, when they measure her belly. I assumed she would measure at 41, and was even willing to bet on it, but I would have lost that bet. K is 39 weeks, but is measuring at 44!! What the! Yeah, even the dr. was shocked at that one! Dr. O thinks the baby is possibly 9 lbs., if not more. They have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday morning (at 7a.m.) to measure how big baby girl actually is. The dr. wants to avoid a c-section, or induction at all costs, but we will see. I did ask him how long they would let her go before inducing. He said the hospital actually has a "strict policy" against inducing before 41 weeks unless they have to. So we'll see. He said if baby is too big, they may need to do a c-section, but he will try to avoid that, now we wait till Monday (unless K's labor speeds up which is what I'm hoping for! I so don't want them to have to do a c-section! Ecspecialy since she is supposed to start school again in 4 weeks!) We were expecting a July baby, we may have an August baby. I hope not though! K is so completely miserable at this point. She is so swollen and can barely move. Baby girl needs to be nice to her her birth mommy and come out!

Here is a pic of our angel that I took after her appt.

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