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Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Hopeful Family: Lincoln and Megan

This week I want to highlight other hopeful adoptive families. My reasoning is simple. My hope is, that if a young woman considering adoption visits our blog and decides we aren't the right family for her and her baby, she may find another couple who just may be the right ones. So in highlighting other couples, if I can help just 1 birthmom find her family, I will be happy.


Lincoln & Megan are hopeful adoptive parents from Washington waiting to adopt a baby.
If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter

Hello Expectant Parents,

We have written this letter to the birth parents of our children. As you read it, we trust that if destiny meant for us to find one another, you will recognize that this letter was written for you.

We wish any prospective birth parent who reads this comfort in the weeks and months to come, and peace in their journey.

We have worried and fretted over what to write in this letter. How do you write a letter to someone you haven't yet met, but that means the world to you? How do we express our awe in the love you have for your baby? What do you say to a person who will deliver to you your dreams and your future? What words could we write that would capture the emotion and gratitude that we feel? We have done the best we can. We have simply written what is in our hearts.

In the midst of a very personal situation you are considering a decision that would heal the hollow place of a family. You are showing a maturity and a love for your child that we admire beyond description.

Your courage will be the greatest gift we have ever received, but more importantly, your courage will be a treasured gift to your child. The amazing love you have for your baby will provide the promise of a brilliant future for him or her. Our joy in welcoming a new little soul into our family will spill out of our hearts and wrap your little one in a blanket of love, stability, and happiness.

Many birth parents may read this letter, but when YOU read it, when you know that it was written for you, please know that you are loved. We love you in the same way that we already love our unborn child, the same way you love your unborn child. None of us have met yet, but our love precedes that anxiously awaited meeting.

When you read this letter and know that your baby is also our baby, know that you little one will be treasured and adored. He or she will be taught of the great love of their Heavenly Parents and of their First Parents.

We have been through a pregnancy. We know that parenthood does not start with the birth of a child; it begins months prior to that. You have already loved and nurtured your baby for many, many weeks. Your child will always know that you loved him or her first, that you gave them life, and that you sent them to their eternal family.

Now, here is a little bit about us.

We are a FUN family.

We like to TRAVEL and see new things. Some of the fun places we have been are: British Columbia, Oregon, California, New York and Washington DC.

We also enjoy playing board GAMES. Some of our favorite games are Settlers of Catan, gin, and cribbage. We also like “The Bean Game.” We don’t know what it’s really called because neither of us speak German and the whole game is in German, but we have a lot of fun making up our own names for the cards.

When we get a bit of FREE TIME Link likes to spend it swimming and paint-balling. Megan loves to knit and even spins and dyes much of her own yarn. John Henry loves to listen to music, go swimming, and play with our family dogs, Maggie and Logan.

Of course, if you want to play hard, you have to WORK hard first, and we know all about that. Lincoln has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Pharmacy. He works as a pharmacist in a hospital. Megan has a bachelor’s degree in History and will graduate with her Masters in Business in June (Hurray!) She goes part time in the evenings so that she can spend her days with John Henry.

We have a big extended FAMILY that we visit or are visited by several times a year. Since Lincoln's brother has ADOPTED TWO CHILDREN, our families know how wonderful adoption can be and are already eagerly waiting the next grandchild, nephew/niece, or cousin.

In April we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. After 8 years, we should have a lot of good things to say about one another, don't you think??? :)

What does Megan have to say about Lincoln?

When we were engaged I started calling Link, Goofy. The nickname has stuck. He is silly and fun by nature. If he feels we haven’t had enough fun in the recent past, he will create some fun. Examples include hiding in the house to scare the life out of me, blaming an assortment of pretend animals (including a favorite “invisible dinosaur”) on all sorts of mischief, and inciting the dogs into a frenzied barking game of chase.

He is also serious and spiritual by discipline. He has worked hard his whole life and become an amazing man. He is reliable and dedicated to anything he sets his hand too. He loves to learn and often takes on challenging projects, seeking out instruction as he goes. People are inspired by Lincoln (even if he doesn’t know it) which is evident by his most recent church callings, Elder’s Quorum President and the youngest High Councilman in our Stake.

It is rare to see Lincoln sitting still unless he is asleep (a state he refers to as sweet oblivion.) He is a red-headed energizer bunny, and can match the energy of most kids. John Henry ADORES him. Whenever Lincoln leaves a room that John Henry is in, he searches for him, and then tries to following him all while laughing at his impromptu game of tag.

What does Lincoln have to say about Megan?

I am so blessed to be Megan's husband. When I am tired and grumpy she doesn't tolerate it and makes sure that my mood improves quickly. Sometimes she does this by baking some cookies or brownies. Other times she takes me out to eat so we won't have to do the dishes. She also knows when I just need a hug and is not stingy with those either. She is such a fun, accomplished, silly person that just makes life so enjoyable.

As far as accomplishments go. I am so proud that she will be graduated soon with her MBA. She has sacrificed a lot of time that she could have been relaxing to study and put projects together.

As a mother she is excellent (not that I'm biased). She and John Henry communicate well with each other, and Megan really enjoys teaching and playing with him. One of their favorite games is "Get ya” where Megan chases after John Henry while he runs away eventually catching him in a hug of laughs and kisses. Some people have asked if we are ready for another child especially Megan who would be with them all day. Honestly, I can't think of anything that would make Megan happier. She enjoys being a mom that much.

One thing that Megan enjoys almost as much as being a mom is knitting. She has knit everything from colorful socks to stylish sweaters. Her knitting is a great example of how, even in relaxation, she is making something beautiful.

A favorite memory of Megan happened on one of our first dates when I went to her apartment for dinner. During dinner I teased her about something and was instantly in her sights with a spoonful of mashed potatoes. Calling her bluff I refused to apologize. Without a second thought she nailed me in the face with the potatoes. It was then that I knew I had found a very feisty woman and would have my hands full if we stuck together and I am so happy that we did.

A bit about John Henry

John Henry is a very easy going child and is VERY social. He loves to be around other children and seeks out other toddlers where ever we go. He will make a great big brother, and a great example as well.

A bit about our Pups

Maggie is a Wire-haired Fox Terrier who loves to play fetch. We call her our nanny dog, as she will come and find us when John Henry wakes up or is upset.
Logan is a Cairn terrier. He is a lounge about cuddly dog and a chewing maniac. He loves kids and plays gently with John Henry every day. He (oddly) loves to have John Henry pull on his fur.
Both think having a child in the house is fantastic because John Henry thinks feeding them from the table is great fun.

We want to thank you again for searching for us as we have searched for you. We look forward to meeting you and wish you the best through your pregnancy.


Megan, Lincoln, John Henry,
(and the dogs too, Maggie and Logan)

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