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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Birth Mom's Journey: Andee's Story

Several months ago I came across Andee's blog. Andee is a birth mom to a beautiful 1 yr old named Avery. Andee has an open adoption with Avery and her parents (a very open adoption, I love open adoption because of journey's like Andee's).
Andee is a birth mom advocate, and is going to school to be a social worker where her plans are to be a social worker for birth moms who are looking to place or have placed for adoption. Andee amazes me. Her journey has become one of strength and love that she has used to help others.
I don't think I can tell Andee's story any better then she can. She put together a video that tells her journey and what led her to place Avery into her parents loving arms. Seriously, how cute is Avery! She is an absolute doll! Turn your sound up, and grab the tissues, you'll need them.

Find more videos like this on Adoption Voices
Thank you Andee for letting me share your journey. For more of Andee's journey, in her words, go here, here, here and here

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Andee said...

Thank you for posting this! I love it and you're so sweet!!