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Friday, November 6, 2009

Finding vs. Waiting

You've decided that adoption is right for you, you've started saving money, now what?

Do you wait? or do you find?

Several months ago on Adoption Voices the awesome mrs. r shared a peice on finding vs. waiting I wanted to share that with you today.

Are you,

are you

Waiting is passive. It is being idle and is extremely unfulfilling.

As we wait, we may stay in a constant state of "What if?" We may put off plans and not take full advantage of our present opportunities while we sit by the phone waiting for that important call.

As we wait we may get restless and uneasy. We may feel a lot of anxiety and worry about things over which we have no control.

I: INSECUREAs we wait we may feel insecure and doubt our capacity to parent. We may feel unworthy and have a sense of low self-esteem.

As we wait the tension may grow. If we are not careful, contention can easily enter the home and we may begin to blame and easily hurt other's feelings.

FINDFinding is active. It is being proactive in the search for your child. It is following the principle of doing all that we can and then relying on the Lord to help all things work together for our good.

It takes faith to search for your child: faith in prayer that Heavenly Father will guide us and place us in the right places; faith through fasting that we will encounter the birth mother carrying our child; faith that the Lord will direct our paths and help us find our children.

The Spirit can inspire us to talk with those around us about our desire to adopt. As we listen to the prompting of the Spirit, we can be divinely guided in our efforts.

It is beneficial to talk to everyone. Using every possible channel to get the word out can expand our voice and can increase the likelihood of finding our child.

Once we have done all we can do, we can rely on the Lord to intervene on our behalf. It is only through Him that all things are possible. The Lord will direct our paths.

(Taken from Someone's Missing.)

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