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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Choosing an adoption agency

Choosing an agency was easy for us. We went with our church's agency. I knew from my cousin who is a birthmom that they don't pressure, or try to chose for you, they are there to help, and that they provide counseling before and after birth. That was important to me, that our future birthmom would have support and that she not feel pressured by our agency to place. So choosing an agency was a no brainer for us.

But it isn't so easy for some. Before choosing an agency, or even a private adoption lawyer, make a list of what is important to you. I found this article in my google search of choosing an agency. Another resource I found that may help you in deciding on an agency is this adoption ratings website. This website has ratings based on peoples experiences with a particular agency. It lists reviews from everyone from birthfamilies, to adoptive families and even adopted children.

If possible talk to others who have adopted from an agency you may be considering.

This next bit is advice for birthparents and adoptive parents. Try to find birthmoms who have placed through that agency. Find out what kind of support they got. Was there someone there for them from the moment they stepped foot into the agency? Did she feel pressured to place by the agency? Was there someone who offered support during the birth process? Were they offered counseling after placement? Are there support groups with other birthparents avaliable?

Most of all, do your research. When choosing an agency you want to make sure that they are going to have your best interests at heart. And just as important, if not more important, you want to make sure that they have your birthmoms needs in mind and her best interests at heart.

Tomorrow I will post about openness in adoption. Starting Monday I hope to highlight some adoption success stories, the next week I will highlight other couples hoping to adopt, and wrapping up my postings on National Adoption Awareness Month, I wanted to save the best for last. I want to highlight Birthmom's starting with a very special posting written by my cousin who placed her son for adoption 5 years ago. So stay tuned for that.

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