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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Success stories: Megan and Shane

About a month after I started reading Que and Brittany's blog Brittany posted a story about a couple who had just adopted a baby girl. So I clicked on their link and spent the next several hours reading their story. When I contacted Megan earlier this week to ask her if I could share their story she said yes and told me I could use what I needed from their website and adoption blog. Thank you Megan, for letting me share your story. Did you know we share the same wedding date as you? We were married on August 3, 2001 in Provo, Utah. Too funny!

Megan and Shane were married on August 3, 2001 in American Fork, Utah. They learned shortly after marrying that a heart condition Megan was born with would make pregnancy very dangerous for her. They knew immediately they wanted to pursue adoption. However, like us, they found out that they needed to be married for at least 2 years. So they waited. Just before they met with their agency they found out that Megan would have to have surgery. After her surgery the doctors told her she would be able to live a normal life without complications from her heart, but that because of medication she was on, she should not get pregnant. So they waited until Megan was recovered from surgery and contacted their adoption agency. In the Fall of 2005 they were finally approved for adoption. Then, the waiting began. In April 2006 Shane was graduating from BYU and accepted a job in AZ, so they contacted their caseworker to let her know they were moving and would need to sign paperwork allowing their file to be moved. Guess what?! They didn't need to sign the paperwork! They had been chosen by a birthmom! On July 28, 2006, their adorable baby boy Carter was born. Megan and Shane have an open adoption with Carter's birthmom and they exchange letters, pictures, and even have periodic visits with her.

As if that wasn't a great enough story, it gets better. In October 2007 they were once again approved for adoption. In August of 2009 they were contacted by a woman asking if they were still interested in adoption. Megan immediately said yes. The woman went on to ask if it would be alright if she texted their number to her daughters friend who was in labor at the hospital. Megan said yes, but didn't think they would hear back. Boy was she wrong! 10 minutes later they get a call from the girl who was in labor. She had chosen them to adopt her baby. After a sleepless night full of phone calls, they got on a plane at 6a.m. the next morning to fly to Michigan to meet their baby girl. 2 weeks later they were finally able to bring little Ruby home.

They have such an adorable family brough together through the miracle of adoption and the gifts of two wonderful and amazing birthmoms. If you want to read the full story, in their words, go here. Thank you Megan, for letting me share your story.

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