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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Success stories: Clayton and Angie

O.k. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, success story? Sharon, you said this week was featuring other families hoping to adopt. Well, it is, but I wanted to feature this story today. Last week I got a sweet comment on my blog from Angie who had read Erin's story (I talked about this in Saturday's post). I emailed her and asked her if I could feature her and her family this week with my hoping to adopt posts. She said yes, and sent me their story. But she also sent the beautiful journey of their son Adam's adoption. So I wanted to share that with you today. Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about them and their hope to adopt another bundle of joy. But for today, sit back and enjoy their journey to find their son Adam. (And seriously, how stinkin' cute is he!!!! I just wanna pull him through my computer screen and hug him! Sooo cute!) Thank you Angie, for letting me share your journey.

We had been signed up with LDS Family services for almost one year and had just experienced our first "failed" placement..if you can call it that. We had met a lovely birth-mother who was placing through LDS and we were one of the 2 families she was considering. When she met us she was 5 months pregnant. We continued a relationship with her all the way up until 2 weeks before she was due and were still waiting to find out which couple she chose for her baby. I will never forget the day she called me on my cell phone to tell me she had chosen the other couple. I cried and cried.... I spent about a month feeling completely sorry for myself. Then one day I got the impression that we weren't doing enough to find our child and that we needed to do more. I had a discussion with our caseworker and she suggested that we consider foster care. She told me about an FSA chapter meeting the following week that would have a class on foster care and answer any questions we might have. My husband and I prayed about it but weren't sure if this is the direction we were supposed to take. At the same time I was having very strong promptings that we HAD to attend the FSA chapter meeting no matter what! At the time I had no idea that this wasn't even our local chapter of FSA and that we were driving clear out of our way to attend the meeting! It took some convincing to get my husband to attend because he wasn't sure about foster care but I assured him that I couldn't deny this prompting and that we had to go. When we arrived at the meeting house we walked around trying to find the foster care class but were re-directed into the main room for a "welcome" meeting that was to happen before the classes started.
The meeting was a collaboration between LDSFS and adoption agencies in Utah so that we could learn more about them and how they work. One by one the representatives from the agencies got up to tell a little bit about themselves. When the rep from Heart to Heart Adoptions stood up and started speaking it was as if the air stood still in the room...my husband and I could both feel such a STRONG spirit that we were both overcome by emotion! We looked at each other and we instantly knew this is why we had been prompted to attend the FSA meeting. We signed up with the agency immediately following the meeting and left more excited than ever!! ( This was in November 2006) at the end of June 2007 we were told that we had been chosen by a birthmother and our son was due in 5 weeks!
We were able to spend those 5 weeks getting to know D. and fell in love with her! She is amazing, strong, sweet and kind! She gave up her own desires so that her son could have a chance at a better life and we know it was not an easy sacrifice.
The day our son was born was amazing! We were both in the delivery room and I actually got to cut the umbilical cord! Those next few days were sacred so I won't write much about it but I can say I've never experienced so much joy and saddness all at the same time... No one ever prepares you for what it will be like to walk out of a room with some one else's child.
We love D. and we fully believe in an open loving relationship with her. She deserves it and so does our son. I want him to know where he came from, who he looks like and where he gets some of his most amazing qualities from. He is an active, happy 2 year old and he looks just like his D. He is our miracle and we are so blessed and priveledged to be his parents!
Incidently-the time line between recieving the prompting to sign with Heart to Heart and when our son was born was...yep..nine months!! I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that answered our prayers and for the promptings of the Holy Ghost that helped us find our son!

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