Welcome to our corner of the web! Here you will learn about our family and our journey of a family member adoption. In July of 2010, after 9 years of trying to add to our family and 5 years after we started our adoption journey, we welcomed baby Emily Rose. Emily's birth mom is Sharon's adopted sister. We look forward to someday adopting more children but for now, we are enjoying our time together as a family of 4!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My thoughts

I got the sweetest comment from Angie about yesterday's post. I emailed her thanking her for her comment and decided to share with her some of my thoughts on why I chose to highlight success stories and why Erin's story touched me. I wanted to share that with you today.

"Hi Angie,
Thank you for your sweet post on my blog. I loved Erin's story when I read it on Adoption Voices and I knew I needed to share it. So often through this process we get discouraged. Hubby and I have been hoping and waiting for years now. We tried adoption through the foster care system but at the time hubby was active duty military and the state where we lived at the time was very discouraging about letting us adopt with hubby deploying so much. We had to say goodbye to a wonderful 8 yr old boy named Isaiah who we had in our home as a foster son and wanted to adopt. We were heartbroken and vowed right then to never go through foster care again. We have now been waiting through LDSFS for the better part of 8 months. Even though it doesn't seem like a long time, that is just 1 part of the process. We have been hoping, and waiting since we got married 8+ years ago. After reading Erin's story I prayed that we would know what we needed to do. The answer came, foster care. Imaginge my shock. I had received that answer before, but ignored it. This time it was a ton of bricks hitting me type answer. Can't ignore that now can I! I dont' know if this how we will find our bundle of joy, or if it is to help us learn something, but whatever it is, I have faith that it is part of the Lord's plan.

So often we get discouraged. I had one of those days myself yesterday. Erin's story, and those of the others I have posted this week, have made me realize that the Lord has a plan in all things. Like Erin, we have had the impression that the time for our little one to come is soon. But the Lord's definition of soon, and ours, are 2 totally different things. If there is anything this process has taught me, it's patience. Patience in all things. It will happen, when the time is right. Hang in there."
Next week I am going to be highlighting other couples hoping to adopt. Starting tomorrow with my friends Tammy and Mike who I have talked about before on my blog. Some may find it odd that I am highlighting other families hoping to adopt when we haven't been chosen yet. My reasoning is simple. My hope is, that if a young woman considering adoption visits our blog and decides we aren't the right family for her and her baby, she may find another couple who just may be the right ones. So in highlighting other couples, if I can help just 1 birthmom find her family, I will be happy.

So look for those posts starting tomorrow. My hope is to fill the week with other hopeful couples. I so far have 3 couples, with the possiblity of another couple. If you know of a couple, or if you are a couple who would like to be highlighted next week, email me. I may not be able to highlight everyone depending on the response I get, but if I can't highlight everyone this week I will in the future. I hope to make that a monthly or weekly post on my blog, and of course your information will be added to my sidebar of couples hoping to adopt.

Starting not tomorrow, but next Sunday I will be highlighting those wonderful, amazing women, we call birthmothers. Next Sunday's post will be a very special one to me and my family. My cousin Jenn is a birthmom and she has agreed to share her story with us, along with her son's family who adopted him 5 years ago. In addition I have more amazing women who I would like to spotlight. So be sure to check back every day for the rest of this month. Happy Adoption Month!

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Anonymous said...

Hey its Erin! Im glad you liked our story and Angie too! Like I said, You just do what you feel is best and it will happen! We had absoulutly NO INTENTIONS of NOT going through LDS services and I know that Heavenly Father helped us know what to do. I know its hard to wait for our babies to come home, BUT they will when its their time to come! Thanks for sharing my story!! (I kinda like to read it myself hehe!)